1. Where can I see how that infographic/pdf thing of yours looks like?

We've created a pdf infographic with made-up data to show how it works. The report generated by our system is identical in shape and function. Download here.

2. Is optimised for mobile?

Well yes, it is. Everything is accessible and thumb friendly so you can supercharge your stats on the go.

3. How accurate is the data in the superstats?

Web superstats works with data provided by Google Analytics. As a result, the accuracy of GA will be the same for our infographics. Note that Google Analytics is a proven tool used by proffesionals worldwide. More info here

4. Why do I have to share analytics data with web superstats?

In order for us to make an informative and great looking infograph we need data. We made the process of data importing easy for you by building a way to bring website data gathered by Google Analytics to our system. So as long as you have Analytics tracking set up on your website, it's easy (and free) to make an account with us and get that data into a different form. Sign up with WebSuperstats here Sign up for Google Analytics here

5. What happens with my website data once the report is generated?

Once the raw data from the Google servers has been processed, a pdf report is generated. Then, the raw data is deleted. The report is sent to you as per your instructions in the Dashboard (day, hour, etc.). A copy of that report is saved so you have access to the historic data in the WebSuperstats Dashboard.

6. How often can I receive the WebSuperstats report?

We currently have our system set-up to send weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. You can choose which of these you wish to receive and when (for weekly and monthly).

7. How many websites can I have sending Superstats reports?

We currently allow for 3 concurrent website feeds to be active per account. We may change this in the future or we may add a paid option for more. Also you have up to 3 e-mail addresses for each website feed.

8. Can I print my superstats report? What about sharing it in social media?

The pdf report is light (around 150kb) and because it is in vector format, can be easily scaled up to any size. So yes, you can print your report in a wall-sized, building sized or A4 sized form. It’s up to you. One of the reasons we chose this form of reporting is portability. It is a file that can be forwarded, printed, shared or included in other forms of communication like presentations, annual reports. So yes, you can share your report as much as you like. It's your data. Keep in mind however that you might want to keep some of the information private!

9. I’ve set up an account, why am I not receiving my superstats?

First, make sure you have Google Analytics tracking set-up and running on your website.
Then, check that you set up your website feeds correctly. Go to your dashboard and start the wizard by pushing the "add website" button. Once you completed all the steps check the status in your newly created site feed. If it says "active" you're good to go. For other issues check the "settings" slide-out for that site feed.

10. Tell me more about the new authentication system.

This feature makes it super easy to set up your superstats. Simply login to your Google account securely in the pop-up window, and follow the instructions.

Allow to have access to your analytics data, then select your property and view from the list on the last step. This new authentication system is enabled by default for new accounts.

Existing users need to update their credentials for each individual tracking to enjoy the same benefits as new users. Current data (superstats archive and settings) will be carried over without user intervention.

11. I have a feature request. Can I bother you with it?

We're constantly investigating new and better ways to present web data. Have an idea? A suggestion? A feature request? Fire away here
We don't promise to answer all the emails, but we will take them all into account.

12. What if I want a special report with custom data points for my company?

We can customize the report to your specifications, including corporate guidelines, specific format, custom data. We can improve your data visibility and readability and make it into a ready to use, user friendly solution. We're still in beta and we would both benefit from a collaboration. Contact us here

13. What happens if an account is inactive?

If an account has been created but no tracking has been set up, the account will automatically be deleted after 4 Weeks.